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The International Network for Micro-fabricated Atomic Quantum Sensors is a dedicated platform for global collaboration and technological development that places an emphasis on research fields of Physics and Engineering.

This network will bring together international expertise on quantum physics and micro-engineering to oversee the development of next generation miniaturised quantum sensors, specifically for portable atomic clocks and magnetometers. The broad aim is to target the development and integration of diverse technologies, that will raise the technology readiness of quantum sensors and their individual components and ultimately advance our quantum capabilities. With this in mind, we envisage that the technological platform developed within this network will ultimately grow to incorporate a wider range of quantum sensors for electric fields, thermometry, and wavelength referencing.

Research Topics

Apply for membershp by filling out this form and returning to physics-inmaqs@strath.ac.uk

Grant Funding

Grant Call from Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC):

  • Establish an international network in quantum technologies

Funded Sum:

  • £500,000

Grant Duration:

  • 3 Years (Feb 2022-Feb 2025)