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Dr. James P. McGilligan


Prof. Erling Riis

Dr James P. McGilligan

I obtained my PhD in the EQOP group at the University of Strathclyde on the development of grating MOT technology as a foundation for a compact cold-atom clock. After my PhD studies I was awarded a Lindemann Fellowship to work at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado in the Atomic Devices, and Instrumentation team. My two-year postdoc in the team of Dr. John Kitching focussed on the development of chip-scale cold-atom vacuum cells with simultaneous studies into demonstrating alkali-ion batteries as a viable source of vacuum regulation in portable cold-atom systems. Following my postdoctoral research, I jointed Kelvin Nanotechnology in 2019 as a Quantum Technologist, managing projects in clocks, magnetometers, and micro-fabricated components to aid the miniaturisation of atomic instruments. I returned to the University of Strathclyde in 2021 as a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow to pursue the micro-fabrication of chip-scale atomic platforms for quantum navigation, covering research topics in atomic clocks and wavelength references.

Prof. Erling Riis

I joined the Physics Department in 1991 after having worked as a post-doc with Nobel Laureate Steven Chu at Stanford for two years. Initially research at Strathclyde concentrated on high-resolution atomic spectroscopy and the development of the highly specialised laser sources required for these experiments. This work also formed the foundation of the establishment of activities at Strathclyde in laser cooling of atoms. Presently this work ranges from fundamental studies of atom interferometry to the development of a platform for miniaturising cold atom based quantum technology.

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