A core component of collaboration within the INMAQS network will be researcher exchange by participants within the programme. The travel and subsidence provided through the grant will enable invaluable opportunities for the UK network participants to explore the developments by global participants and quantum leaders.

We envisage the researcher exchange programmes to offer typically 1–2-month duration visits primarily covering travel and subsistence. These exchanges are possible throughout the duration of the network with no restriction being placed on the exact time these will occur. However, we recognise that new collaborative efforts may require a limited additional consumable resource to prime new studies during these periods. As well as researcher support and exchange, instrument and component exchange will be encouraged to help collaborative efforts in situations where travel is difficult. 

Allocation of both the travel and subsistence resource and any required consumables will be made jointly by the PI and CI to support the objectives of the network and following a transparent application process with advice taken from senior network participants as required. If you would like to arrange an exchange or participation within the INMAQS network, please complete the application form and send to physics-inmaqs@strath.ac.uk