Collaboration at our core

With no technical deliverables taking precedence within the network, INMAQS is able to place emphasis on collaborations that develop the atomic sensor community and importantly unite an international drive for chip-scale quantum technology.

With the use of virtual whiteboard events, in-person conferences and technical workshops we have the potential to enrich the chip-scale quantum technology landscape and enable the exchange of ideas. Following on from that will be the opportunity to establish researcher exchanges between the partners to further support the innovation and technology platform development.

INMAQS will incorporate several workshop events as a platform of participant engagement and collaborative encouragement. These in-person events will be hosted at Strathclyde Universities Ross Priory, on the banks of Loch Lomond, due to its ideal geographical location for bringing the group to a country retreat style event for focussed interaction and availability of outdoor team building activities.

University of Strathclyde Ross Priory, located on the banks of Loch Lomond, Scotland.

Whilst our preferred method of workshopping would be through in person events, we will ultimately be required to host several participants virtually due to travel restrictions. To ensure that virtual attendance does not limit the potential interaction and collaborative efforts, we will put significant efforts into developing a simple routine for live whiteboard interactions and virtual attendance hardware, provided to participants of INMAQS. Forming a core for virtual interaction within the network will enable us to expand and encourage participation from under-represented teams that may typically be unable to cover the costs involved in network participation.